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About Collections MAX
Collections MAX is a desktop based debt collection software suite that runs on the Windows operating system.  It can be installed on a single computer or on a dedicated server network. 

Collections MAX breaks down the barrier that high priced niche debt collection software companies used to control.  Our low cost software solution rivals legacy debt collection software in performance, features, and ease of use.
This is easily the most effective and affordable debt collection software that you will find anywhere, period!

One of the things that is different about Collections MAX is that it is designed to save you money where other debt collection software solutions are designed to cost you money.
You will save a bundle on user fees, database licensing fees, support fees, maintenance fees, and data import fees by upgrading to our software. 

This software was designed with the most advanced tools available and features were added to further enhance it's performance and capabilities.  It is costantly being refined and free updates occur every three to four months.

With over 3 million lines of optimized .net code, Collections MAX continues to grow and evolve as one of the most widely used and downloaded debt collection systems today.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to drop us a line in the forum.

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