These are the things that you need to do to install Collections MAX.

  1. Download and install MySQL from
  2. Download Collections MAX from our website at
  3. When configuring MySQL make sure to uncheck the box that says enable strict mode.  You MUST also supply a root password and REMEMBER it eactly when configuring MySQL.  Reboot the computer after you finish installing  (Details on installing and configuring MySQL can be found in our online docs section at

4.  Install the Database Installation Wizard.  This program is located in the database folder in the file that you downloaded from the front page of the Collections MAX web site.   Run this program.  It will prompt you for the root password that you you needed to remember in step 3.  You can then create your usernames and passwords for your collectors and managers.  The program will install the database to the mysql server.  Make sure to UNINSTALL the Database Installation Wizard AFTER you complete this step.  If you run it a second time you will erase your database. 5.  Install Collections MAX Collector, Administrator, and Scheduler from the file.  You can log in using the usernames and passwords you just set up.  If you are connecting to the computer that has MySQL on it the SERVER will be localhost.  If you are connecting from a different  computer use the IP address of the computer that has Mysql installed on it in the SERVER box. If you are connecting to another computer on the network you will need to open port 3306 TCP on BOTH Windows Firewalls and any software firewalls in between.

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