Batch Processes

Batch Processes allows you to update multiple account fields with a single command instead of tedious manual updating.

To get to the Batch Processes screen in Collections MAX Administrator – click the Utilities button on the main control panel and then click the Batch Processes button.

You can run a batch process two different ways either on a full client and portfolio or by drilling down a selected group of accounts.

To run a batch process on a selected group of accounts you can have them show on the front data grid by selecting the client or client and portfolio.  You would then click on the Exclude button to remove any accounts that you do not want to create the batch process on.
Then click the green Create Batch Commands button to bring up this screen.

To run the batch commands on the accounts that you selected and are listed in the data grid make sure to select the first radio button that states “I want these commands to only affect the visible accounts listed in the Accounts Data Grid”  Then select  the command (or commands) that you would like to run by checking off the command in the Commands group box.  Click the OK button to process the commands.

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