Collections MAX Administrator comes with a suite of Utilities to make it easy to Administrate your system.  Here is a rundown of our Utilities section.

Letter Administration: This is where you designate your mail merge letters for the system.  You can choose from different types of letters.  For instance, if you choose a payment plan letter for the debtor, a popup will appear for the collector to enter payment plan information that will be merged with the letter when the collector schedules it.

Status Types: Collections MAX can impose restrictions on accounts at the status level.  Here you can create an unlimited number of status’s for both the Administrator and the Collector and choose how they will react when selected.

Websites: Here you can list any website that is important to your organization for easy reference for the collector’s to find.  It can be skip tracing sites, credit reporting portals….etc.  Collections MAX Collector / Professional have a built in browser and clicking the sites button will list these websites for the collectors to use.

Interest: This is where an Administrator can designate a group of accounts or a single account to have interest calculated on it.

Routing Number Database: Collections MAX can download a partial list of over 9,000 routing numbers from the internet that helps verify banking information when collectors take checks over the phone.  An optional complete routing number database will be available soon for a separate fee.

NCOA Processing: Collections MAX can generate an export file that you can submit to our National Change of Address Service (NCOA) and then import the return file to update your Collections MAX accounts using the United Postal Service Database.  This will result in the most accurate addresses possible and a much lower rate of returned mail.

Import Mapping Utility: The import mapping utility helps you create a file from your formatted Excel file (that was saved as a csv file) for batch importing account data.

Settings: These three tabs can control your payment disbursement, Net Deposit and Billing Tree settings, and control how the Collections MAX Scheduler functions.

High Level Passwords: This is where you can set up an Administrator or Supervisor password.

Custom Collector Screen: You can define up to 60 different custom fields in this screen.  Your collectors will view these fields when they login under the custom screen inside Collections MAX Collector / Professional.

Batch Processes: Allows you to update multiple account fields with a single command instead of tedious manual updating.

Payment Hashing: Only visible when you log in as root, payment hashing will destroy sensitive debtor payment information while preserving the record for accounting purposes.  The system can que up payments that have been run over thirty days and destroy data like credit card numbers, routing numbers, and other sensitive payment information making it more secure in case of a data breach.  This should be done once a month by an Administrator.

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