Automation is a powerful feature in Collections MAX.  It is based on two things…
· The status of the account
· The number of days that the account is in that status.

Every night that the Collections MAX Scheduler runs it will auto increment the number of days that an account has been in a status by 1.  It will then compare the rules that you have created in Collections MAX Administrator to determine the actions that you would like to take place.

It is recommended to set the days in status to at least 2 at the START of the accounts being worked.  If you make an automation rule that has passed the days in status the rule will not fire.  You should run a Account Status by Portfolio or Account Status for all portfolios report to determine the current days in status of your accounts.

Collections MAX Scheduler must be installed on the server and configured to run each night for Automation to work.

To access the Automation screen in Collections MAX Administrator click the Automation button on the front control panel.

When adding a rule, you can specify which accounts are affected.  If you do not select by Client or by Client and Portfolio then it is considered a “global” command and your rule will affect all accounts.  Rules that have a by Client directive will have those rules only affect accounts that are from the selected client.  Rules that have a by Client and Portfolio directive will have those rules only affect those accounts that are from the selected client and portfolio.

Here are the options you have for automation:
Change Status To
This option will change the current account status to the selected account status.  It will also change the days in status to 1.
Send Letter
This option will send the selected letter to the affected accounts.
Assign Account To
Checking this option will re-assign affected accounts to the selected collector.
This rule is very useful if say you have only one Spanish speaking collector and you want those accounts worked only by him.
Change APR To
This option will change the APR (annual percentage interest rate) or interestpercentage to the selected amount.
Change Contingency Rate To
This option will change the accounts contingency rate to the selected rate.  You would use this option for instance if you had accounts that payed a different contingency  rate determined by the number of days in the agency or the status of the account.

Add Fee of
This option will allow you to add a fee to the affected accounts.
Zero Remaining Balance
This option will zero out any remaining current balance on the affected accounts.
Close Account
This option will close out the affected accounts.

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