Clients and Portfolios

Before you import accounts, you will need to set up your clients and portfolios.  Clients are the people or a company from whom you have obtained the accounts from and portfolios are groups of those accounts.  Collections MAX has a built in feature that automatically separates and tracks payments from different clients.  It is called Client Trust Accounting.  This is why you must give Collections MAX this information before you import accounts.

Log into Collections MAX Administrator

Click the Clients and Portfolios button

You need to add clients BEFORE portfolios.  To add a client click the ADD button in the Clients group box.  The password box is the password that the client will use to login to the client access module if you have purchased it.

Adding portfolios is simple.  Click the ADD button in the  Portfolios group box.  Make sure to select  the proper client in the  drop down box.  The portfolio name will be the name that the portfolio  will  be referenced by for the client and the collectors.

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