Data Entry

Collections MAX Administrator has a data entry screen that allows you to manually type in account data.  Click the Import button on the Collections MAX Administrator control panel and select Manual Account Entry.

You will then see this screen.

If you click the ADD button, you will be able to add accounts manually to the system.

After you have finished adding all the account information in all the tabs for the debtor, click the OK button and you will see the static page popup.

Fill out this static page.  If you check the box that says – Remember these settings for the next account, the system will remember the settings and you will not need to set them again unless the settings need to be changed.

Click the OK button and the account will be imported.


You can easily modify account information in Collections MAX.  You will first need to bring up the account that you want to modify.  You will do this in the Search function box.

Search Accounts box will search accounts that match the criteria.
That has a Client of – will show all accounts that have the selected client.
That has a Client and Portfolio of – will show all accounts that have the selected client and portfolio.

After you have selected the criteria, click the white SEARCH button.
Your accounts will fill in the datagrid like below.

Then select the account you would like to modify as show below

and click the Modify button to change the account information.

After you modified the account information, click OK and the account will be modified.

Delete an Account You can delete an account by first selecting it and then clicking the Delete button.  [If you want to delete a large number of accounts you will need to go to the EXPORT screen]

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