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Collections MAX Client Access is a program that resides on a web server in your office or on one of our web connect hosting plans online. It gives your clients the ability to check account performance and data in real time over the internet with a simple web browser.  Only accounts that are linked to the client in Collections MAX will be displayed for the client to view.  The client cannot view your other client’s accounts.

Configuring User Names and Passwords for Client Access

To give your clients their user names and passwords you will need to open Collections MAX Administrator and click the Clients / Portfolios screen.

Select your client (it will highlight in blue) and then in the Clients section click the Modify button.

The Client Name (yellow box) is the User Name for Client Access.
The Password (Client Login) box is the Password for Client Access.

Both are case sensitive and must be used EXACTLY as it appears for the client to Login successfully.

In this example, the client access user name would be PD LOANS (all caps)
and the password is 1234


When your Client brings up the login screen to Collections MAX Client Access module in their browser they will be presented with the login screen.

Upon a successful login your client will be directed to the Home page

Searching Accounts

Clients can search accounts by clicking the Search link in the left pane.
They will see the screen below.

To search an account the user will select the corresponding radio button next to the type of search that is requested, type in the data to be searched and then press the submit button.  The three types of searches are

Search By Last Name – Searches last names of debtors
Search By Account Number – Searches all accounts by Account Number
Search By Social Security Number – Even though no Social Security Numbers are displayed in Client Access as a security precaution, this option will search accounts if the debtor’s social security number is known.

Upon a successful search, the user will be presented a list of matches.  To view an account in the match the user can simply click the View link on the account.
Account Browsing

To browse all accounts associated with the logged in client you can click the Accounts link on the left pane.  All accounts will be ordered by last name.  To view account information click the View link at the end of the corresponding account and you will see the following account detail screen.

The account detail screen shows the complete account information on a debtor’s account.  At the bottom middle of the screen is the collector’s notation log.

You can click the Add Note button to add a note to the account and if any payments are on the account a View Payment link will be shown to view all payments on the account.


Collections MAX Client Access offers drill-down type reporting for your clients.  These filters allow your client to create a report with the desired parameters on screen.

To access Reports click the Reports link on the left pane.

To change reports place your mouse cursor on the Reports drop down menu box at the top of the page and left click on the desired report.

The default report is the Funds Collected report that shows funds posted.  The other reports are

Funds Pending – shows pending payments
Insufficient Funds – shows funds that was returned or reversed.
Promises to Pay – shows promises to pay for the client.

To drill town your reports click on the down arrows graphic on the green caption line and select the desired report parameters.

To export or print a report click on the View without sidebar link.  The report will then be shown in a screen by itself like below.
You will notice that there are now additional links on the top of the page.

Printer Friendly – This option will get rid of all hyperlinks and menu options for printing.  The user will need to click the Back button on their browser after selecting this option.

Export to Excel – This option will export the report to Microsoft Excel format.  User will be prompted to download or open the report.

Export to Word – This option will export the report to Microsoft Word format.  User will be prompted to download or open the report.

To get back to the client access module the user will need to click the View with sidebar link.

To clear all filters (from a drill down) the user will click the Reset All Filters link.

Change Password

Clients can change their passwords online by clicking the Change Password link on the left pane. A password strength meter measures the strength of the password for security.  When a password is changed it will take effect the next time the client logs in.

Submit New Accounts

Clients can submit files for placement by clicking the Submit New Accounts link on the left pane. They need to click the Browse button to select the file(s) and then click the Upload File(s) button.

Upon submission of the files, the software will send an email to the agency that looks like something below.

Subject: New placement file received from SOME CLIENT NAME

You have received placements from SOME CLIENT NAME in the Collections MAX Client Access Module.
The files for this client that was submitted are listed below.


To access your filemanager please go to http://youripaddress/protected/ and enter your username and password.

Decca Software Company


Agency File manager

For the agency to retrieve the placement file they will need to click the file manager url.  This is the same url found at the bottom of the notification email.

Since the directory is password protected, upon entry the agency will need to enter a user name and password that was supplied by the Decca Software Company when the software was installed.

Upon successful login the agency will be presented the file manager screen  below.

To download the file click on the file name text underneath the file icon.  You can delete the file by clicking the file and then click the delete file icon.


Clients can access real time stats about their placements by clicking the Statistics link on the left pane.  They will see a screen similar to the one below.

The stats automatically adjust to the current month.  A chart with a 6 month history is displayed underneath.  More charts can be called up by clicking the More Charts link.

The client notes from the accounts can be displayed to the client by clicking the View Client Notes link.

A client can Log out of Client Access and end the session by clicking the Log Out link on the left pane.

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