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Collections MAX Collector / Professional is the software that the debt collectors use in the Collections MAX debt collection system.  Collections MAX Collector is the free limited version and Collections MAX Professional is the optional paid version that has no limitations.

Here are the limitations of the FREE Collections MAX Collector

  • Limited to 1000 total system accounts
  • Limited to 200 accounts per collector for five collectors.
  • Limited to 10 minute sessions.  At the end of the session the software will log off the collector after a 90 second delay.

Collections MAX Professional is the recommended choice for all production environments.

Please Note: Collections MAX Collector and Professional will not work using Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix Servers.  In order for you to use the software on Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix your organization will need to purchase an Enterprise License.  Please contact the Decca Software Company at (978) 338-4315 on information regarding Enterprise Licenses.

Installation of Collections MAX Collector (Free Version)

Collections MAX Collector is obtained by downloading the file located at the link below.

Save the file on your desktop and then right click on it and select Extract All.  Then open the collectionsmax folder that does not have the zip icon on it and double click in the Collector folder.  Double click Collector setup.exe to start installation.

Installation of Collections MAX Professional

Collections MAX Professional, the paid upgrade from Collections MAX Collector is available as a secure download once you purchase the software.  You will receive a download link in your email once it is purchased.

The software will be in the file.  Save it to your desktop, right click on it and select Extract All.  Once the file unzips then open up the cmaxpro folder that does not have the zip icon on it and double click the Collections MAX Professional Setup.exe to begin installation.

Product Activation

If you decide to upgrade your collector modules to Collection MAX Professional, you will need to activate the software with an activation key that was sent to you by email after your purchase.

To reduce piracy we have implemented a proprietary product activation service for Collections MAX Professional.  Before installation you should have opened port 3306 on the firewall on any computer that you installed Collections MAX Professional on.

After installation, when you start Collections MAX Professional for the first time, you will see a screen like the one below.

Enter the Activation key in the long white box that you received after your purchase and press the green Activate button.  It may be best to copy and paste the key to avoid errors.

Upon successful activation, Collections MAX Professional will be unlocked the next time you start it.

Please note that Activation keys can only be used one time per computer.  Do not activate Collections MAX Professional on any computer that you do not intend to use in a production environment as this will void the activation key.  In order to move a license from one machine to a different machine you will need to contact the Decca Software Company support team for instructions.  Make sure to do this BEFORE you attempt to wipe the operating system from a computer that has Collections MAX Professional installed and activated or you will void your license.
Logging In
The software displays a start up screen like the one below when it is first run.

Then it will display the log in screen as shown below.

Note: If the MySQL database server is on the SAME MACHINE that you are trying to login from your SERVER setting will be the word localhost.
If you are trying to connect to MySQL server that is NOT THE SAME machine that you are trying to login to your SERVER setting will be the ip address of the machine that has MySQL installed.
To get the user names and passwords you will need to open up Collections MAX Administrator and click on Collectors And Managers (if you didn’t remember them from the Database Installation Wizard Setup).  Either Add a new collector or select the collector and click the Modify button.  The Login Name will be the User Name and the Password will be the password that the collector needs to enter in the login box.  The user names and passwords are case sensitive so make sure to enter them EXACTLY as they appear.  Then click the Login button to start the login process.

After you have successfully logged in you will see the main collector screen as shown below.

Collections MAX Collector / Professional is a shuffle system.  This means that the oldest accounts from the last worked date are always displayed in the results.  To mark an account as worked the collector simply needs to notate the log.  If the collector fails to notate the log the account will appear in front of the result order.


graphicSearch Clicking the search button brings up the search pop up box.

On the right hand side of the data grid you can easily tell the owner of the account by looking in the Assigned To column.

By selecting the three different radio buttons you can search different criteria

[All:] Selecting the All button you can search account numbers, file numbers, addresses, just about anything in the system.

[Last Name:] Selecting the Last Name box gives you the ability to call accounts up by last name. The box will auto complete as you type to help you avoid spelling mistakes.

[Social Security Number:] By selecting this option you can call up accounts by social security number.  This box will auto complete your selection as you type.

[Phone Search:] By pressing the phone search button you can search the system for phone numbers.  The system will also automatically search the phone log for deleted numbers if a match isn’t found.

[Jump to Account:] By pressing this button you will jump to the account that is highlighted in the data grid.  To Jump to a different account simply click on it to highlight and then click on the Jump to Account Button.

The search pop up box will also display all the accounts you have worked for the day when you first click it.  Accounts are considered worked when they have a log notation on them.


graphicCallbacks – Clicking on the Callbacks button will bring up a lower split screen.  This screen has a viewer that manages all of the collectors callbacks.  When a callback is created it will show a popup on screen that reminds the collector to call a debtor.  The collector simply clicks this button,  selects the debtor from the datagrid and clicks the Jump to Account button to work it.
Here are some of the buttons that are used to manage the callbacks.

[Add Callback:] This button will add a callback for the debtor that the collector is currently working.

[Delete Callback:] This button will delete the highlighted callback in the data grid.

[Today’s Callbacks:] Click this button and you will view all callbacks that are scheduled for today.

[View All Callbacks:] This button will let you view all callbacks assigned to the collector.

[Jump to Account:] By pressing this button you will jump to the account that is highlighted in the datagrid.


graphicPromises: Clicking the Promises button will bring up all accounts assigned to the collector that have an active promise to pay on them.  The collector can add and delete promise’s through the Promise Log button.


graphicWork By: Clicking the Work By button will bring up a popup box.  This allows the collectors to drill down accounts with more precision.

[Status] By selecting this option and selecting a desired status the collector can work accounts assigned to him that are only of the selected status.

[Balance] The collector can work accounts that have a current balance between two ranges.
Example – 2000 and 10000 will bring up all accounts assigned to the collector with a current balance between $2,000.00 and $10,000.00

[Client] Work accounts by a particular client.

[Client and Portfolio] Work accounts by a client and portfolio.

[State Work accounts by state name.

[Time Zone] Work Accounts by Time Zone.  If the collector clicks on the Time Zone List button he will see a breakdown of the time zones in the United states.

If the collector checks of the box marked ‘Show all accounts in the system’ he will get the entire list of accounts for that query regardless of assignment.  You must inform your collectors not to check the box unless instructed to do so because they may not get credit for payments received on those accounts.

graphicIndex: Clicking this button will bring up all accounts that are assigned to the collector regardless of status.  When Collections MAX Collector starts it loads the Index first.

graphicGood Numbers: Clicking this button will bring up all the accounts assigned that the collector has designated as having “good numbers”.  This is an easy way to separate out accounts that need skip work done and accounts that have been confirmed to have a good number.  A collector can make an account a good number by clicking the Make good Number button at the right side bottom of the screen.  He can remove a good number the same way.


graphicNewBiz: New accounts that are imported into the system that have a status of NEWBIZ and are assigned to the collector will be displayed when the user clicks this button.  The collector can then change the status of the account to reflect that it has been worked (like placing it in ACTIVE status) or you can allow automation to do it for you.


graphicSkips: Clicking this button will bring up all the accounts  assigned that the collector has designated as being a “skip” or an account that does not have current contact information and must be skiptraced.  A collector can make an account a skip by clicking the Make Skip button at the right side bottom of the screen.  He can remove the skip the same way.


On the main and custom screen, account information is updated by clicking the label next to the text box.

White labels can be modified directly while blue labels require a supervisor password.  Supervisor passwords are managed in Collections MAX Administrator under Utilities / High Level Passwords.

Other screens may require you to click the Edit Screen button.  This will bring up a separate window to edit account information.  Edit the account information and click OK.


The custom screen is accessed from the main screen by the tab on the upper top left of the screen below the top buttons.  This screen is designed to capture or show information that is customized for your agency.  On the main screen you will see a blue arrow when information is found in the custom screen.  If you click the blue arrow, the custom screen will be displayed.


All custom fields for the custom screen is managed in Collections MAX Administrator under Utilities /  Custom Collector Screen

To edit info for a field in the custom screen, click on the label next to the textbox.
A white label can be directly edited while a blue label requires a supervisor or administrator password for modification.


Collections MAX Collector contains a built in browser.  This browser is suitable for obtaining online credit reports, skip tracing debtors and online email correspondence.
To access the browser click the browser tab located at the top left of the collector screen.
The browser behaves the same way as an ordinary browser with some exceptions.  Collectors need to select pre-defined sites from the Sites button.  By selecting a site and clicking OK the collector can navigate to a pre-determined website.  To manage these websites you need to log into Collections MAX Administrator  click Utilities /  Websites.
The Debtor Info button shows a popup screen of current debtor information for an easy way to retrieve info for searches and online credit reporting.
The Switch View button will bring the collector back to the main screen.


The notification window is the gray box on the right side in Collections MAX Collector.

This box will display ( depending on account data)

· Credit Score
· Multiple Accounts with account numbers and balances
· Multiple balance totals
· Duplicate account notification
· Last Letter Sent


The payment log button gives collectors access to current payment history from debtors.  The collector may receive an NSF notification on startup that alerts the collector that a payment has been reversed.  The collector can then check to see which payment has been reversed, pull up the account and try to recover the funds.  The payment log button looks like this



The media file button is the blue M button on the right side of the collector screen.  This popup will give a collector the basic breakdown of the account.


Most telephone fields have a phone button at the end of it.  Pressing the phone button will activate the Windows phone dialer software and pass the current number to the dialer.  Phone dialer requires an analog phone line, and voice modem with speaker output.


Collections MAX Professional comes with Skype Dialing that can be enabled in the program.  The Skype Dialing can be enabled the following way.

Inside the file folder that you downloaded from the web site there is a folder called Skype Dialer Setup Info.

To enable Collections MAX Collector or Professional to access Skype you will need to have Skype installed and logged on BEFORE you log into Collections MAX Collector.

If you have the Public version of Skype installed you do not need anything else.

If you have the BUSINESS VERSION of Skype installed you need to follow the directions below.

You will need to place the file Skype4Com.dll in your c folder.
Then open up a dos prompt and type

cd \

then type

c:\> regsvr32 Skype4Com.dll

and press enter.

When you log in using Collections MAX Collector and Skype is installed you WILL BE PROMPTED to grant COLLECTIONSMAXMYSQL.exe permission to access skype.
You will also need to allow COLLECTIONSMAXMYSQL.exe to use Skype in Silent Mode.

Collections MAX will then be able to dial and receive calls transparently.

Time Zone Alerts

Work Date Schedule


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