Collections MAX Administrator is the control panel for the Collections MAX debt collection system.  It is a separate piece of software that should only be used on secured computers.  When you start up Administrator you will see this login box.

The SERVER box is where you put the IP Address of the computer where the MySQL database is located.  if you are on the same computer as the database then you should use the word localhost

Type in your user name and password (Remember that everything is case sensitive) and hit the Green login button.

Please note: the root user (root for the user name, and the root password in the password box)  needs to be used when logging into Collections MAX Administrator for full access rights.  Users that do not log in as root will not be able to do the following:

Cannot use Collectors / Managers to create, modify, or delete users.
Cannot Export Accounts, payments, or data to the dialer.
Cannot Delete Clients or Portfolios.
Cannot View Payment Hashing in Utilities.

The login box has built in diagnostic ability.  If you see a “server not found” message then the system cannot see the MySQL database.  If you get a “invalid username or password” message then try again.

Collections MAX Administrator also requires a separate Administrator authorization password to gain access.  If you are using Collections MAX Administrator for the first time you will see the box below.  This form is to be used to create your Administrator password.  You can create more passwords inside Administrator in the Utilities / High Level Passwords screen.

Please remember the password you create here.  You will need it IN ADDITION to your login username and password.  The box below will be shown the next time you login and you need to supply the password that you created in the step above.  Please remember that this password is CASE SENSITIVE.  The NEXT TIME that you log on you will see the red Administrator Authorization Required screen below where you need to enter this password.

Once you have successfully logged on you will see the Main Administrator Control panel that looks like the last screen below.

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