Billing Tree / Payment Savvy / Durango Integration

To setup Collections MAX for Billing Tree, Payment Savvy or Durango Merchant Services integration you will need to do the following….

1. Log into Collections MAX Administrator and go to the Utilities / Settings / Payment Processing tab as shown below.


Now click on the button that says “Click Here to Setup Electronic Payment Processing”.  You will need an activation code, source key and pin for your next step.  If you do not have an activation code you will need your payment processor to contact us and we will then release the code to you.






Type in the Source key, Pin and activation code that you received from the Decca Software Company and then click the Activate button to activate payment processing.

Please be aware that all of these setting are case sensitive and if you continue to receive errors you will need to fill out a support ticket on the website.

Please note that if you have more than one installation of Collections MAX Administrator  you will NEED to follow the above steps for each computer.



To setup payment processing in Collections MAX Professional….log into the software and then click on the settings icon as shown below.  The settings icon looks like a gear and it is beneath the zip code on the icon bar.


You will then need to enter an Administrator password.  You will see the settings screen as shown below.






licenseJust as you did in Collections MAX Administrator click the button that says “Click Here to Setup Electronic Payment Processing”.

You will see the same screen as with the Administrator for you to enter your Activation Code, Source Key and Pin.

Remember that you need to do this ON EACH computer that you want to grant access to process credit cards in real time.

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