Collections MAX Administrator Screen Shots
Collections MAX Professional Screen Shots

The layout provides an easy way for collectors to manage account information. You will notice that some of the buttons are yellow.  Yellow buttons indicate to the collector that information is contained behind it.  Click on the small icon on the top right for more screenshots. Changing account information is a snap with this system.  Simply click on one of the labels.  A collector is free to change account information on any of the white colored labes while the blue colored ones require a supervisor's password. The software includes an integrated search function with auto-complete search boxes that allows easy lookups of debtor accounts. Collectors can easily schedule callbacks for follow ups with debtors.  When the system determines that a callback is due the software will automatically alert the collector via a popup screen. Collectors can easily manage promises using this system.  If a promise is not kept it will become a Broken Promise and collectors can eaily follow up with debtors to collect payment.  From this screen the collector can Add, Delete, Work Broken Promises or jump to an account. The software is very easy to navigate.  Collectors can work accounts by status, balance, client, client and portfolio, time zone, or work date.  It doesn't get any easier than this! The software allows unlimited notes to be taken on an account.  You can also include a brief discription of the status of the account for client reporting purposes. Collectors can take payments over the phone and input them right into the software.  Collections MAX Professional also has the ability to process payments electronically using one of our electronic payment providers. With the multitude of online skip tracing sites like Accurint, Merlin Data etc., collectors can easily cut and paste skip tracing data directly into the software as well as attach files to the account for later viewing. Changing account status is a snap with this software.  No hard to remember codes or F key combinations are required. Collectors can set work schedules to tab out accounts to a specific work date.  This gives the collectors another way to work accounts.  All accounts are worked by the last worked date regardless of the method the collector employs. The software includes a built in web browser to make it easy for collectors to work accounts and connect online without needing to change screens. Collections MAX supports up to 60 custom fields making it very easy to customize the software to the way you need it. The software also has a built in summary function that will give the collectors a breakdown of their accounts including monthly and yearly payment stats.  Thank you for viewing these screen shots of Collections MAX Professional.