Collections MAX - Upgrade to Collections MAX Professional

Collections MAX Professional   - $179.95 per computer
This is the debt collection software your collectors will use.
 You need one license per computer.

 Collections MAX Professional is the upgrade from the free Collections MAX Collector.  Upgrading to this module will remove the 1000 account limitation, the session limitation,  and the five collector limit. 

  • This is a one time fee per computer.
  • It never expires.
  • NO MONTHLY FEES REQUIRED!  You own the software!  Just think of the savings!
  • You don't lose any data from the free version.  You simply uninstall the free collector software and install the Professional in it's place.
  • You receive Free priority email support and are entitled to Free upgrades for the life of the product.
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Please note that software installation / server configuration in NOT INCLUDED in the purchase price of this software.  If you need Professional help in configuring your server or installing MySQL you can order our Server Setup package at the bottom of our prices page and we can remotely do it for you.  Training and importing account data is also NOT INCLUDED and needs to be purchased separately if needed.


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